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If you would like to be part of a new online community of ascension pioneers and bonafide twin flames, the webinar will be an opportunity for you to come together in a sacred sangha (community) and receive some very high frequency transmissions regarding the nature of ascension......what does it mean and look like for us individually and collectively…

Ascension webinar - £11.11

In this webinar we looked at what is ascension, what does personal ascension look like and feel like, and what does collective ascension look like and why is it Gaia's inevitable evolutionary trajectory...we looked at the symptoms of ascension, and how to make them easier to deal with.....we asked the question how does one ascend? In this webinar I shared and encoded your field with a particular crop circle glyph that deal specifically with ascension.... The intention of the webinar is to offer you profound guidance,assistance and clarity on your personal ascension trajectory, and offer you support in stabilizing in higher 5d consciousness which is a fundamental prerequisite for successful twin flame union.


Twin Flame webinar


This webinar took place on saturday the 30th july at 5pm uk time and in this call we talked about and explored deeply what exactly is a twin flame and why are twin flames destined and being implored to unite at this time... We talked about the collective twin flame mission .....and spirit also guided me to facilitate a conversation which will remind us all collectively, of the agreement we made prior to incarnation whilst sat at the feet of mother Father God with regards to the deep and plutonic reasons that twin flames are being called to physically unite during these times. We also covered the topic of the children of twin flames who have extremely important roles right now with regards to the triumphant anchoring of the twin flame template, and who hold very important energetic keys,and are extremely Potent allies on this twin flame reunion timeline trajectory. We also received a collective upgrade and opened ourselves to be the receivers and living conduits for the twin flame template. this is extremely powerful work to do alone, but is exponentially enhanced when done in a group setting......this is an extremely important mission that we have come here to implement, and your presence is called for to partake in this huge planatary service, I also shared some interpretations of recent crop circles, and have been guided to programme your consciousness software with the latest Happiness template/glyph that came through in late june in the uk.......


 8/8 transmission
This was a call out to the tribe to gather on the 8th of the 8th 2016 to anchor and become conduits for the extreme light activations on the 8/8 gateway, whereby gaia alignined via the pyramids to the star system of sirius our parent star, and was flooded with the higher ascension twin flame frequencies. this was a powerful opportunity to create a master circle of planatary elders to act as ushers to enable the higher frequencies to be received by the earth plane - the 3D consciousness. in this activation we receiveed the 8/8 codes which assisted us all specifically with being the holders and conduits of the yeshua and Magdalene divine union template, and facilitated the anchoring in of this light dispensation within the earths electromagnetic field. this is extremely potent personal and planatary service which is all who signed up for this's Dharma, spiritual service and mission. I very much look forward to  with youwelcoming all the newcomers into this powerful group who created a master circle of planatary Elders and light workers, To anchor this light dispensation.
Mastering the codes of self love transmission
In this Transmission we activated the powerful and potent codes of self love into the frontel cortex,In order to to step into and embody our own personal mastery around this essential truth. We also addressed the vital issue of the Atlantis timeline whereby Twin flames experienced their primary separation from each other, and in many ways this has been the root trauma lifetime that all lifetimes since then have been playing out, We worked together as a circle of planetary masters and elders to rewrite the script in order to restore and transform this key timeline…. This work is very often done in one to one sessions by our beloved channel, However the masters have decreed that now is the time to bring together a powerful circle of lightworkers/wayshowers to address this core issue within the collective twin flame reunion trajectory, We addressed the original physical split of the 144, 000 illumined twin flame pairs............your presence is required to join this transmission in order to assist in the complete healing and transformation of this important timeline….
9/9/9 transmission

The 9/9/9 webinar was held on friday the 9th september 2016 at 6pm uk time..  

The purpose of the transmission was to harness the light dispensation on that day which was fundamental timeline alignment which bought through the great transformation from the age of Kali yuga to the golden age.. We co created a Master circle to work with these energies on a personal and collective level, and used the potency of the group transmission to activate and materialise our own twin flame unions on the physical plane..

A ritual was facilitated which gathered together all the dysfunctional old programmes of the past and they were offered to the gatekeepers of the violet flame… Please know beloveds that when these intentions are sent forth in an enlightened group setting, This exponentially magnifies the potency of the intentions..

The New earth paradigm foundations are built on conscious community, and awakened beings coming together to co create the new timelines that are in alignment with the paradise blueprint that we all carry in our sacred and wise hearts…

Your presence is required on this call…

Activating the paradise codes transmission

and we would now like to take this opportunity to inform you that our beloved channel has been guided to facilitate a webinar transmission on 29th September 2016 at 6PM UK time to “Activate the Paradise Codes” that have been stored, and safely tucked away in the 144 000  twin flame pairs pituitary gland, pineal gland, and higher heart center.

The 999 Gateway witnessed Gaia transition fully into the golden age, and in order to support her it is necessary and appropriate for her wayshower brethren to activate the Paradise codes within their own personal consciousness and energy fields.

The paradise codes are aligned with great health, great well-being, divine flow and upgraded synchronicity, the Paradise codes once activated bring forth the blueprint of our higher Christed consciousness into the apex of our frontal cortex.

The transmission will also include activating the paradise codes within Gaia herself, We will be communicating to the Akashic record keepers and working with them to fully and successfully anchor this ancient yet brand new template safely into earths biosphere and electromagnetic field.

This is a great personal planetary activation to be part of and your presence is very much required on this call. Throughout this transmission as you activate and and enliven the paradise codes within your own consciousness please know that these codes are also very much activated within your beloved twin flames consciousness, which will act to deeply serve your physical union when divine timing decrees.

These are incredibly powerful times that we are living in now and these webinar transmissions are calling forth the souls who are truly ready to be part of a master circle of planetary elders, in order to assist gaia and her children to move smoothly into her brand-new Ascension timeline.


Clearing the programme of shame and guilt transmission

in this next webinar we will be working together as a group consciousness to locate the energetic pockets of shame and guilt that have been primarily stored as a virus program in our physical and emotional bodies we will be working with the Akashic gatekeepers to fully and completely remove this dark program from our energy bodies and consciousness. We will also be working as a group consciousness to fully remove these dark programs from our societal institutions and structures. we will be working specifically with the higher self of the Church Fathers those who enforced this deeply untruthful program into our sacred consciousness and we will be focusing on empowering the Template of humanity's original innocence and implementing and activating this blueprint into the forefront of our conscious.

This is extremely important work we are being called to participate in, and will have huge and far reaching effects on the collective twin flame a timeline trajectory This gathering is in fact ordained and written in the stars for all those who show up to administer this sacred work in this group.

The call will take place during the new Moon on Sunday, 30 October at 6 pm uk the potent gateway of samhain the time when the Veil is the most thin, and the shadow aspect must be brought home to the light……. your presence is required on this call……


11/11 transmission


The next webinar will take place at 6 pm uk time on the 11th november 2016, In this transmission we will be deciphering the mystery of the 11/11 phenomenon, and receiving Spirits master download around the significance of these numbers. We will also be deciphering the spiritual meaning behind synchronicity, and the reason our higher self orchestrates synchronicity particularly for us on the spiritual awakening path we will be asking the question what is synchronicity, and why do awakened and awakening one's experience it so prolifically……. On this date we will be also working together as an awakened group consciousness master circle to initiate a full spiritual awakening in many of the sleeping twin flame counterparts… This initiation has been requested by the higher council of light as the 3rd dimensional illusion has been much stronger than many souls believed it would be, Thus the sleeping counterparts are collectively reaching out for assistance to awaken them fully and completely to who they are as a multidimensional avatar being…. Your presence is very much required on this call, particularly if you resonate that your twin flame is still sleeping spiritually, This 11/11 date is an extremely potent activation portal for the collective twin flame timeline, Many if not all of us are already experiencing profound miracles and breakthroughs with the collective and in our own personal timelines from gathering together on our grid points in this way… Our Group is becoming a beacon of necessary transformation on the 3rd dimension, and You are invited to Join this Band of illuminated light workers, star seeds, and Twin flames.

Your presence is required on this call