17. Oct, 2016

Twin Flame Energy report.....Post Aries super moon.....welcome to the new Earth paradigm

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high in this most wondrous and auspicious moment of now. Welcome to the new earth Paradigm…... We made it……. We have successfully passed over the threshold into the new earth…... the paradise codes have been activated within the collective consciousness and within the many societal institutions that hold much power of governance over humanity. This is a wondrous time to be alive beloveds albeit somewhat challenging for your 3D selves. We have much to share with you as ever, but firstly we wish to acknowledge the deep transformation that has been activated within many of your personal fields and within the whole of the collective consciousness.

As we mentioned earlier the paradise codes have now been switched on by a group of frontline wayshowers, starseeds, twin flame empaths, who joined together to fulfil this stellar mission. Now that these codes have been turned back on this can be likened to a light being turned on in a large dark hall. These reactivated codes are now highlighting certain parts of this great room which are cluttered, dusty, and filled with cobwebs, and now beloveds it is time for us to set to work to clean up this great Hall that it may be fully returned back to its original pristine state.

We are using this analogy to illustrate to you the importance of the work that lies ahead. Now that the paradise codes have been turned on it is time to gather all our most powerful tools and resources to enter into the next level of the deep cleanse. We are now rapidly approaching the time of samhain, the time in the earthly calendar whereby the veil between the seen and the unseen realms is thinner than ever. We are also on the trajectory now towards the winter solstice. During this time it is highly appropriate beloveds to bring that which has remained in the shadows of the personal and collective consciousness fields into the light, this is imperative at this time, as while certain energetics remain in the shadows, untalked about and unacknowledged, it really is not possible for us to continue our profound expansion as a collective consciousness.

Therefore we would like to inform you all that our beloved channel will be facilitating her next webinar transmission on clearing out the programs of guilt and shame that have been insidiously inflicted upon humanity, mainly due to the deeply corrupt influence of the Catholic Church. These energetics are stored in our esoteric, physical and emotional bodies, and present as stagnant energy pockets.

Whilst this energy remains stagnant, progression is impossible. And while It is extremely powerful work to address this on an individual level, we wish to remind you that when you come together as a collective to remove these dark energy programs, the potency of the transformation is exponentially increased, therefore, this is the reason we have guided our beloved channel to facilitate this important powerful and sacred transmission.

We will be working together as a group consciousness to remove these blocks on a personal level, but more importantly we will be working as a group consciousness to completely remove these dangerous false and dark programs from the many societal institutions whereby they have been present……...This is a highly essential endevour beloveds…….We must clear out these programs in order to continually support Gaia’s ascension trajectory.

This is extremely important work for twin flames as in nearly 100% of cases, it is primarily shame and guilt that are keeping twin flames in physical separation, so please know that all who sign up to be part of this important transmission will be deeply assisting the collective illumined twin flame trajectory.

With regards to the recent energetics that are affecting the illumined twin flame community, it is a highly auspicious gateway that you are in right now, the latest Aries super moon has catalysed extremely deep transformations in many of your emotional realities and this is in alignment with the brand-new freshness that this morning of the new earth Paradigm brings.

We understand beloveds how extremely challenging this path is for you, but it is necessary for us to remind you that it has never in truth been about physical union with your twin flame….. this is an automatic byproduct of your own personal self realisation, awakening and enlightenment, and it is imperative that we remind you of this.

The twin flame can only manifest in a consistent manner in your physical reality once you have stabilised and attuned to your own self-actualisation, and the ironic thing is, that when this happens, that all seeking, all searching, and all craving and yearning for the twin simply disappears, this is when you have reached the point that the physical union is able to manifest on all planes of consciousness, as without this level of self realisation and liberation from the shackles of identification with the monkey mind, the ego will have you believe that you're very sustenance is dependent on that which is external from you, and as many of you know now this is indeed the Royal Road to suffering.

You are the illumined ones, the wayshowers, the lightbringers, your self realised and actualised frequency is the exact vibrational medicine gaia needs to activate all of her Ascension codes. Please do not be distracted from externalising this search, know that when you do this you are indeed holding yourself up and planet Earths full and complete ascension on all levels.

We pray these words, these powerful sacred words penetrate your consciousness deeply. Everything can and will change in a holy instant when you stop and smell the roses, and focus always on counting your blessings. All is well, all is eternally well and will always be.

This path is truly a nightmare to the ego but it is the holiest and highest glory for your soul please remember this. remember who you are…... that you signed up to be this illuminated light worker at this time. You have more than 1 million angels by your side working for you diligently, arranging synchronicities and fortuitous meetings. Your greatest challenge is to Relax….. Relax deeply and allow the current that is your higher self to take you home to this most wondrous glorious moment of now……


In love light and eternal service

Jenji and the white wolf tribe



24. Oct, 2016

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high in this most wondrous and auspicious moment of now. We are rapidly approaching the lunar dark moon samhain, a time in the earthly calendar whereby the veil between the form and the formless the seen and the unseen realms is most thin. This is a potent time beloveds, to gather together to assist each other vibrationally to clear out and transmute many of what you would term the dark thought forms that have dominated the 3D consciousness for millennia.

As you may or may not be aware our beloved channel has received extremely potent guidance to facilitate a webinar transmission on clearing the thought forms of guilt and shame from the personal and collective consciousness field….Left unchecked these thought forms act as hold-ups, obstacles and diversions on your spiritual evolutionary path, very often sending you down trails and timelines that are filled with great hurdles and delays.

It is vitally important that this sacred soul ordained group gather on this opportune date, to act as emissaries of God's highest and profoundest grace to facilitate a complete clearing of these illusionary and disruptive thought forms from humanity's collective consciousness.

For all those who step forward to be the conduits and activated initiators of this sacred transformation, there will be tangible and precise miraculous breakthroughs within your own personal timelines. This transmission is being overlooked and deeply supported by the highest ascended masters of light and their divine counterparts, and by our inner and outer planetary star brothers and sisters, and we cannot reiterate enough the significance of this soul work and soul gathering in ushering and supporting the implementation of the brand-new ascension frequencies into the planetary grid.

Beloveds there is so much to share with you as ever but for this particular conjecture it is most important that we bring up the discussion of the ways in which the Sacred feminine has been denied vilified and suppressed not only in women but also very much in men in the last 2000 years….. The Divine feminine energy exists equally in men and women and one's evolutionary soul journey can only be complete when one becomes a vessel that is perfectly balanced in it is masculine and feminine energetics…. The current 3D holographic matrix has completely lied and distorted this sacred truth by purporting that men must predominantly carry the masculine energy and women must predominantly carry the feminine energy but in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

The soul will continue to experience incarnation after incarnation until this state of perfected equilibrium is achieved. Beloveds it is not possible for men to awaken from their long dark slumber until the Divine feminine energy within them rises and says enough is enough, and we will be suppressed no more!!! it is time, and in fact well overdue that men now give a voice to the feminine energy within them and validate and recognise that this sacred energy has been suppressed within them for millennia. This means endorsing and giving a voice to their intuition, and to their most tenderest feelings which are acutely attuned to how they are being treated in every moment. This also means being authentic to their true feelings and removing the illusionary façade that has been born from this perpetual denial.

It is not possible for men to fully awaken until this aspect is given full permission to be, and until men  recognise that this has always been a part of you, and that you learnt from society's expectations and indoctrination to overlook your true feelings in order to not hurt anyone or rock the boat.

Dear ones, it is also imperative for the personal and collective ascension trajectory that women recognise the places that they are out of balance with their masculine energy and are being dominated by this polarity in their day-to-day lives. Which very often manifests as an intolerance and unwillingness to hold a safe space for their own Sacred feminine feelings in themselves and in others.

Beloveds this issue has now reached endemic proportions and is a direct result of the profound levels of manipulation that the 3D Paradigm has been subjected to. Dear ones we actively encourage you to embrace the darkness and light equally within you and the feminine and masculine energetics equally within you, this and only this will ensure that you walk merrily through the gates to stabilised alignment with fifth dimensional consciousness.

We hope and pray these words reach deep into the core memory banks of your innermost being, and deeply nurture and nourish the seeds of your full and complete awakening. The paradise codes are fully activated, we have stepped forth and are now vibrating as a collective consciousness in the new earth frequencies. The old 3D matrix is collapsing under the weight of its own lies and mis truths.

All there is is now….. rest deeply and know that all is well….. rest deeply and remember that I AM…….

rest deeply as these codes of radiance and truth stimulate your frontal cortex and pineal gland, stimulating the highest Ambrosia of spiritual truth into your living breathing consciousness field.

We are the ones we've been waiting for…

We are all remembering the promise we made to existence to be here fully present in our awakened state.

Thank you to all of you who read these sacred words, gaia is now on track to receiving jaw dropping miraculous shifts, we are sending out this message from a timeline whereby the shame and guilt transmission is complete and we would like to report back our deepest deepest gratitude to all those souls who signed up to activate this extremely important transformation in the cellular blueprint of societies matrix pattern.

This is a high role to have taken on, and our reverence and appreciation to you knows no bounds.

The light shall always prevail, the truth shall always prevail, to all those on the front line of this personal and collective ascension we bow deeply to you….. You are the star tribe, the planetary elders, the wisdom and the gate keepers….. you are fulfilling the living rainbow prophecy, and gaia is  now preparing to don her most spectacular ascension costume  thus far, for her upgrades are set to occur evermore rapidly now beloveds.

For those of you who feel the soul calling to be part of this upcoming potent and powerful transmission please know we invite you to join your sacred Soul Essence with this activation to assure your own clearing with regards to these most disruptive energy thought forms. All who are called to come forward, have soul contracted to be part of this clearing in their pre-birth state, and if this resonates deeply for you please contact our beloved channel at cosmicgypsy33@Gmail.com.


Beloveds as ever your greatest challenge is to relax and allow the current that is your higher self to guide you ever more succinctly home to this most wondrous and most spectacular present moment where all you seek already is, and this truth is hidden in plain sight, in the most sacred of words “ask and it is given” For all that you seek you already are, and all that you search for has already found you…... There is nothing lacking in God's holy precious and beloved child…... Remember this as you go now on a rampage of gratitude, for all the blessings mother Father God has bestowed on you right now….

In love and service

Jen and the White Wolf tribe



Next webinar

in this next webinar we will be working together as a group consciousness to locate the energetic pockets of shame and guilt that have been primarily stored as a virus program in our physical and emotional bodies we will be working with the Akashic gatekeepers to fully and completely remove this dark program from our energy bodies and consciousness. We will also be working as a group consciousness to fully remove these dark programs from our societal institutions and structures. we will be working specifically with the higher self of the Church Fathers those who enforced this deeply untruthful program into our sacred consciousness and we will be focusing on empowering the Template of humanity's original innocence and implementing and activating this blueprint into the forefront of our conscious.

This is extremely important work we are being called to participate in, and will have huge and far reaching effects on the collective twin flame a timeline trajectory This gathering is in fact ordained and written in the stars for all those who show up to administer this sacred work in this group.

The call will take place during the new Moon on Sunday, 30 October at 6 pm uk time....in the potent gateway of samhain the time when the Veil is the most thin, and the shadow aspect must be brought home to the light……. your presence is required on this call……. the investment is £22, and will last between 60 and 90 mins

to book your place please send a direct email to  cosmicgypsy33@gmail.com 


Some feedback from my latest webinar transmissions.....

Hi Jen, The webinar was really magical. There were many beautiful higher dimensional beings present. Never seen so many at the same time before so that was awesome. There were also pink fearies too as well as bright golden ones and with many orbs. So many visitors holding the strong energies to raise the vibration of the session throughout.I felt the amazing energies on the replay as well and the strong presence of my beloved twin and guides <3 <3

Blessings with twin flame/ray joy with divine love in unity & harmony ...



Hi Jen, with regards to the webinar.....I thought it was absolutely fantastic, it's exactly just what people are needing at this time, the energy and support you have around you is very strong....I think we're all feeling to need that connection now, the orbs were just astounding to watch.....for myself the affects of the upgrades and codes, the same as others said i had utter exhaustion for 3 days, then today I've woke up feeling so energised and light, my thoughts are so clear and different in ways, like there's been a clearing of any fog from things, even my actual vision is clearer and more defined.....not sure if my explanation makes sense but your webinar has definitely wrought changes, I haven't had chance to rewatch the video yet, but I will as there were a few small parts I missed, you're a true blessing xxx

Did a Ho'opponopono meditation last night, went to bed at 8pm, slept like a baby, woke up to a heart-opening message from my TF this morning 💗

I've attended three webinars with Jen and each one has been transformative. I am still integrating what we "downloaded" during the 9/9/9 webinar... But what I can share is that Jen's loving energy and transformational healing was palpable on each and every call, in each and every moment. I'm left speechless when I think about how lovingly supported I feel in our healing circle. Thank you Jen for being you and for showing us attendees your soul so that I felt safe enough to bare mine.    S.jones

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"A true healer does not heal you; she simply reflects back to you your innate capacity to heal. She is a reflector, or a loving transparency.

A true teacher does not teach you; she does not see you as inherently separate from her, or less than her. She simply reflects back your own inner knowing, and reminds you of the vastness of your being. She is a mirror, a signpost.

And love is the space in which all of this is possible; love heals, and we learn best in a loving field, no threat of failure, no punishment."

~ Jeff Foster

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My intuitive Twin flame and ascension consultations are rooted in supporting your personal empowerment, personal & spiritual growth and fostering conscious awareness of how you are the creative force in your life.

Very often i am guided to work with the extremely potent tools of Matrix energetics and optimal EFT as well as my own uniqiely channelled 5d healing and alignment modalities.....


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some feedback from my latest client

Thank you for honoring your Sacred Gifts and Abilities and being so generous as to share them with the world. Your authenticity and passion are very transparent and I am truly blessed to have had Spirit bring you into my life. I know this is just the beginning of a very sacred relationship and partnership in bringing more healing through Love and Light into this world. For anyone seeking Divine guidance or assistance in their Journey, I highly recommend you get in touch with Jen as soon as possible. Through your willingness and belief, she has the capacity to launch you into higher vibrations through meaningful energy work that is brought forth directly from Source. She is an advocate for your well being. Let her grace and beauty walk you into the next chapter of your life!"





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Sessions for twin flame couples

I offer a service for twin flames who are in any stage of their union, to bring forth profound angelic assistance and alignment , to assist you both in moving through any residues of false templates that are hindering your connection...

This is extremely powerful work to assist you both through working directly with your unified twin flame merkabic field, to deeply assist you in stabalising in the frequancy that is the prerequisite for succesful twin flame union....

You will both be held in a space that sees you for who you truly are, which will be thus able to activate profound shifts in both your energy fields


The cost of this divine servive is £111 per session



Dear Jen, This was such a beautiful and profoundly comforting session. Your guidance and love have shifted me from a place of doubt and struggle, to knowing that what I am experiencing is true, and important, and also justifiably terrifying as it is a
big job ahead! ( :-) ) Your words "It will be so, so worth it." will resonate through my whole heart, in harmony with what my heart has been showing me. I have found an extraordinary ally in you, and for this I am deeply grateful. Love.

Website23. Feb, 2016


a big thank you for our session on Monday! i felt Jen took me very far high and very far back on a journey that was needed for deeper healing and integration. i'm coming out of it transformed, more self-assured and trusting in my evolution, more anchored
into the current situation, which is my point of power anyway. i really, really, REALLY wanted to have a peak at this fabulous timeline of Atlantis with someone i could lean on for a safe exploration of ancient grief for my pair. Jen saw me in a way i'd never
been seen before and the mirror she held up for me is already helping me grow wings to fly higher on my own and step more firmly and enthusiastically into my purpose and mission in a light-hearted way. this session truly was an incredible gift. many blessings
to you dear Jen, i am ever so grateful we connected and worked together. Elisabeth. xxx

18. Jan, 2016


Thank you so much for the session. It was exactly what I needed right now. The past life you identified and healed reflects an aspect of myself in this lifetime that I'm not very proud of. I could feel the shift taking place in my throat chakra. Now I
will be able to let go of that influence and start speaking from my heart. Much love and gratitude.

Website27. Dec, 2015


Hello dearest,

So much joy and gratitude flows through me just a few days after receiving my healing session with you!.................Prior to seeing you I was a little heart broken and confused about what was happening in my life, and the work you lead me through showed
me such horrific pain in my heart, a trauma that I didn't know existed. Following there was a lot of emotional releasing that came but shortly after I have been flooded with profound and beautiful visions. One of which I saw my soul beautifully intertwine
with the soul of my beloved and I have not experienced such blissful and emotional joy in such a long time! So incredible! The physical separation that we are going through on this plane of existence no longer aches me as I feel so incredibly connected to
him and to everyone. I have been unified with my heart, my home and the greater Divine plan is thoroughly felt, loved and accepted within me. I am so grateful for that dear sister, thank you for the work and the light that you bring to us all.

Looking forward to connecting with you

Website27. Dec, 2015


Jen, just want to tell you ...wow... how did I get so far off,I was in a bad place when I talked to you. I feel so much better now, I have been following your advise. I feel so much more grounded and have so much more inner freedom. I still feel his energy
around me and it is okay now. I did a lot of purging the next day, I know there is more to come.....thank you so much, you helped me in a big way. I will definitely follow up with you in 30 days.

Sending lots of love and blessings heart emoticon heart emoticon

19. Dec, 2015


Thank you for a wonderful session. Since then I'm filled with acceptance. It doesn't matter what is playing out on this plane we are helping each other grow. I know we are in Union on a soul level and love for my beloved for all people is just flowing.
Thank you I thought the heart ache of separation would never end. Now I feel calm and okay with how things are. Blessings to you and deep gratitude.

28. Nov, 2015


Dear Jen,

Thank you so much for my healing. It was a relief to hear that it wasn't my fault that I couldn't let go of the pain that I was carrying. The session had a deep effect and I felt something shift inside me, something that had been stuck for a long time. I feel
like I can now do what is necessary and have the strength to move forward again. You made me feel reassured, less alone and more calm.

I am doing better already and will continue working with the tips you gave me until everything is cleared. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.

3. Nov, 2015


Jen, thank you from the bottom of my heart for our meeting yesterday. The work you did on my deeply rooted issues were nothing short of breathtaking. As I was sitting in relaxation (and doubting a little I could let myself go deep enough), I suddenly felt
in my physical body popping and pulling sensations, in my throat, my solar plexus, and sacral chakras. The feeling of being lovingly worked on was obvious, and glorious, as the clearing and template was brought in. I am at this moment, in peace and know I
need to go within for a time to enjoy the great gift you bestowed on me. I'm in awe and in such gratitude for your beautiful light and support.