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This is a call out to the tribe to gather on the 8th of the 8th 2016 to anchor and become conduits for the extreme light activations on the 8/8 gateway, whereby gaia is aligning via the pyramids to the star system of sirius our parent star, and is about to be flooded with the higher ascension twin flame frequencies. this is an opportunity to create a master circle of planatary elders to act as ushers to enable the higher frequencies to be received by the earth plane - the 3D consciousness. in this activation we will be receivers of the 8/8 codes which will assist us all specifically with being the holders and conduits of the yeshua and Magdalene divine union template, and to facilitate the anchoring in of this light dispensation within the earths electromagnetic field. this is extremely potent personal and planatary service which is all who signed up for this's Dharma, spiritual service and mission. I very much look forward to gathering with you all in this way and creating this master circle of planatary Elders and light workers. there are 44 places available on the call. please send an email to to reserve your place and receive the booking form. the transmission will be for one hour and the investment is £22 many blessings Jen and the white wolf tribe

Only a few places left on the upcoming webinar

The next webinar will take place on saturday the 30th july at 5pm uk time and in this call we will be talking about and exploring deeply what exactly is a twin flame and why are twin flames destined and being implored to unite at this time... We will be talking about the collective twin flame mission .....and spirit has also guided me to facilitate a conversation which will remind us all collectively, of the agreement we made prior to incarnation whilst sat at the feet of mother Father God with regards to the deep and plutonic reasons that twin flames are being called to physically unite during these times. We will also cover the topic of the children of twin flames who have extremely important roles right now with regards to the triumphant anchoring of the twin flame template, and who hold very important energetic keys,and are extremely Potent allies on this twin flame reunion timeline trajectory.

We will also receive a collective upgrade and open ourselves to be the receivers and living conduits for the twin flame template to anchor and settle within each of us, this is extremely powerful work to do alone, but is exponentially enhanced when done in a group setting......this is an extremely important mission that we have come here to implement, and your presence is called for to partake in this huge planatary service, I will also be sharing some interpretations of recent crop circles, and have been guided to programme your consciousness software with the latest Happiness template/glyph that came through in late june in the uk.......

The investment is £33 to be part of this live call, and there are 33 places available...... I would be truly honoured to gather with you in this book your place on this live call please send an email to, and I will send you the booking form

To book your place please send an email to .......,

some feed back from the last ascension webinar

 just woke up to this lovely feedback about my last webinar.....

Hi Jen,
I have been eagerly awaiting some quiet time to watch the Ascension webinar as you know I was unable to join live. I just finished participating and I can say it was AMAZING. Both meditations were powerful beyond measure and the knowing and resonance of your awakening explanation with my twin flame ascension story was comforting and inspiring (I've been stuck in fear and despair as of late).
The most phenomenal part of the call was the miracle template- it was off the charts. My third eye, hands and feet blasted open and then fully encircled my being- goosebumps, vibrations and things I can't even begin to describe!! I also loved how funny you were when the call was kicked off and you gave the iphone a pep talk. :) You are adorable.
I can't wait to participate again. I loved and appreciated the shout out by name, I felt even more a part of the circle and community. I'm far geographically from souls I deeply resonate with- this group you are building is a lifeline.
Thank more words, just gratitude!


more feed back


Hi Jen, The webinar was really magical. There were many beautiful higher dimensional beings present. Never seen so many at the same time before so that was awesome. There were also pink fearies too as well as bright golden ones and with many orbs. So many visitors holding the strong energies to raise the vibration of the session throughout.I felt the amazing energies on the replay as well and the strong presence of my beloved twin and guides <3 <3

Blessings with twin flame/ray joy with divine love in unity & harmony ...


Hi Jen, with regards to the webinar.....I thought it was absolutely fantastic, it's exactly just what people are needing at this time, the energy and support you have around you is very strong....I think we're all feeling to need that connection now, the orbs were just astounding to watch.....for myself the affects of the upgrades and codes, the same as others said i had utter exhaustion for 3 days, then today I've woke up feeling so energised and light, my thoughts are so clear and different in ways, like there's been a clearing of any fog from things, even my actual vision is clearer and more defined.....not sure if my explanation makes sense but your webinar has definitely wrought changes, I haven't had chance to rewatch the video yet, but I will as there were a few small parts I missed, you're a true blessing xxx

It's truly what you are meant to be doing and you bring so much clarity to things, I'd look forward to being involved in your next one if possible.....for me there are things which I know, some instincts I do an say things that I don't know why until later, you're website has always been of such importance to me since I was brought to it, some for information I don't have access to and for confirmation of that which I do, and guidance when I've been unsure, what you do is of such immense value on a road which I think we have mapped out but is still not easy and can get a little lost on.....your words have been keys to opening doorways and making the path clearer and easier to walk


The first thing I noticed when the webinar began was a great deal of chaos and interference which seemed to manifest in Internet and connectivity issues for many involved. This, to me, was a sign that very important work was about tone done. Once things began I had an overwhelming sense of peace and immediately began noticing dozens upon dozens of orbs floating around the room you were in and around you. The orbs remained the entirety of the webinar and were such a wonderful and invigorating manifestation of the divine working in and through the energies being activated. It was so very powerful at times I felt a little light headed, but not in a bad or uncomfortable manner whatsoever.

The Miracle Template has such great and palpable transformative power! I could literally feel my energy shifting as I looked at it and as we worked with that energy. As I had mentioned before, my twin and I (who met in 2005 and married in 2008) had been at near constant odds since April. Our communication heavily blocked with negativity leaving us both with a very heavy and painful feeling of disconnect. I had just come to terms with the fact that we may be going through a rather finite separation until we were both able to clear those blockages we were experiencing and which we had been up to that point unable to shift seemingly at all. We were fighting near constantly for three months and not living together anymore despite having two young daughters for over a year and a half. The afternoon following the webinar he came to pick up the girls and the negative presence and blockages were gone. Our communication was clear, calm and loving and he grabbed me and kissed me for the first time in months. We ended up spending the next four days together which also hadn't happened in months and it was truly blissful!

The days following I felt not tired or exhausted, however for nearly 24 hour so dosed in and out of sleep unable to stay out of a dream state for more than a few hours at a time. My dreams were very vivid and intense as well as quite lucid. I could feel the energies continuing to clear things that needing clearing. Incredible!

This morning, I work from a dream in which more light codes and activations were administered by way of a waterfall of pure light and a light being, who I am quite certain was you, as you literally transformed briefly during the webinar into a being of our light and they seemed to be one and the same. During that dream and activations I could hear all of my and my twin's negative thoughts and fears as they were leaving us both. Many of them based around fear of being unloved, abandoned, and that we were not actually twins at all. I work from that dream completely drenched as though I had just bathed or showered and messaged you to tell you if the dream. I heard back from you almost immediately that you had also been napping at that time and the experience seemed to resonate with you as well.

Later that same day I napped and dreamt of being in Circle with a group of women. A council of elders, all of whom ancient beings and souls although in appearance looked like regular women of varied ages and backgrounds. Such peace and a strong sense of the Divine Feminine. I felt as though I had finally found my tribe. :) We each one had an item which served as our own personal symbol and energetic frequency in circle. For some it was a beloved item from childhood and others something that had belonged to a loved one. I woke feeling deeply connected to these women as well as the work being done.





















































































In this webinar on the 2nd july at 5pm uk time.....we will be looking at what is ascension, what does personal ascension look like and feel like, and what does collective ascension look like and why is it Gaias inevitable evolutionary trajectory...we will be looking at the symptons of ascension, and how to make them easier to deal with.....we will ask the question how does one ascend? and i have been guided to share and encode your field with particular crop circle glyphs that deal specifically with ascension.... The intention of the webinar is to offer you profound guidance,assistance and clarity on your personal ascension trajectory, and offer you support in stabalising in higher 5d consciousness which is a fundamental prerequisite for succesful twin flame union, the intention of this webinar is to create a powerful and stable personal and collective field to assist the twin flame divine union template to anchor succesfully onto the earthly plane....and ensure for you individually a swift and easeful reunion on all planes with your beloved twin flame

there are 33 places on the live webinar, and the cost is £33


to book your place please send an email to



some feed back from clients who have worked personally with me
Hi Jen,
"Thank you for honoring your Sacred Gifts and Abilities and being so generous as to share them with the world. Your authenticity and passion are very transparent and I am truly blessed to have had Spirit bring you into my life. I know this is just the beginning of a very sacred relationship and partnership in bringing more healing through Love and Light into this world. For anyone seeking Divine guidance or assistance in their Journey, I highly recommend you get in touch with Jen as soon as possible. Through your willingness and belief, she has the capacity to launch you into higher vibrations through meaningful energy work that is brought forth directly from Source. She is an advocate for your well being. Let her grace and beauty walk you into the next chapter of your life!"


some feedback from a lady who attended my avalon retreat


I attended the Avalon Retreat led by Jen on May 14/15. It was a very deep experience that brought much upgrading and clearing and we sat in a circle and did work that I feel will bring shift and create large ripples of positive change and releasing in our own lives and families and also out into the world. It was a privilege to work with Jen. She held the group with great open-heartedness and authenticity, honouring her connection to the divine and us all. She was not afraid to lead us into much needed processing of shadow material to be transmuted and this felt so important to fully enable more light and shift for everyone. She was totally inclusive and honoured everyone and their story and where they were on their journey with sensitivity and insight. I would describe the retreat as life-changing and I have been on a lot of workshops! I totally recommend Jen and her work, including her Skype sessions and readings.
Big Love to you from eCHO xxxxxxxxxxxxx