A message from God 2.7.15

Beloveds we come forth in this hour of your time to share a vision that was experienced by this channel recently, and we are sharing it as we believe it will assist many of you greatly to gain some a higher perspective regarding the tracectories that you find yourself on at this time. Our beloved channel received a vision Whilst deep in meditation….we shall pass you over to her…..


Before me I was shown a scene where I stood as a soul before mother father God. and in that scene I was shown that ahead of me I had the choice of multiple different life paths. they were displayed as mountain paths and peaks ranging in size and beauty. I was shown that in that moment where that choice was given my soul very courageously stepped forward and said “I choose to take the path with the most highest peaks, and the most exquisite vistas, at this point Mother/Father God came close and said... “my child you truly are one of my most courageous beloved children, but I must forwarn you that this path that you choose is a most challenging one, as on this path many times you will feel alone and abandoned by me, as all around you, you will see others who have taken the less higher paths, and things will seem easy for them, but my child the one that u have chosen is the one that delivers you back to your full ascended union with your beloved twin flame, which will ensure the anchoring of the new paradigm of Sacred relationship deeply into the core of mother earth.

Taking this path means that when ever you seek outside yourself for love through relationships, substances, food, or any addictions you will never find it. and this is how I have created it to be. it is only by turning back to me, turning back to yourself, that you will only ever find the solace comfort and love that you seek. There will be not many people on earth at this time that have chosen this path, and you will be blazing a trail, you are one of the wayshowers, this path will be very very hard for your ego, and you will feel angry at me when you can't manifest the love that you are seeking from outside of yourself....beloved child of my heart, are you sure you want to choose this path”


And my soul in all her courage and bravery said “yes God, I choose that path, as taking that path will be my greatest service to humanity and that is my heart's intention to serve humanity. The needs of my ego are insignificant to me”  and God replied “you say that now my child but it won't feel like that, you can still opt for the easier path whereby you will meet a soulmate early on in life and you will create an easy and comfortable life together you will have some challenges but at the end of your lifetime you will not have attained the spiritual insights and wisdom that the higher path will offer you as you will not have had to face your shadow self, your ego, and the void within you, indeed this easier path will prevent you from coming as deeply home to me, but it willl be easy and comfortable”


“But God how will I be able to come back to you? how will I know how to turn to you? will you show me and guide me in the ways I can truly turn back to you, as my saviour, my guide, my home, my sanctuary.”


“Yes my child I will be able to show you how to do that as your connection with me will be so lucid and pristine that it will be easy for me to reveal that to you”


“So tell me now God how do I do that how do I turn to you?”


“My sweet sweet child, your willingness to turn to me is 99% of it, your willingness is symbolic of your failing at finding love outside of yourself and when you have failed at that you will turn back to me, so my sweet child there will be homesickness on your path where you will cease to be gratified by external sources of love and that will be deeply painful for you and your inner child, but remembering who I am, and your connection to me is tantamount to your salvation, as you will remember that I eternally have my arms outstretched before you, and am ever beckoning you back home to my heart.


Your memory of that will be a way to help bring you back to me and then there is resting as divine presense for short moments, and declarations of gratitude that will align you very quickly with the vibration of I am that I am.

My precious child, your task on this earth is to remember that you are seen, and held adored, comforted, protected and filled by me. as you remember that deeply you will be carried up this somewhat treacherous path with great ease and you will automatically attract your beloved from the space of ease and divine perfection.


The love that is your destiny is a direct reflection of the love I have for you.

I love you beyond words beyond sentiments beyond ideas when you know and rest in this Love and truly deeply know it from the depths of your being then and only then can it be reflected outside of yourself.

You my sweet child are on track now to reach this most stunning vista that we have cocreated together it comes from all of this hard work and discipline that you have diligently committed to. Well done my sweet sweet child I rejoice in your remembrance of the my deep love for you, as you remember how your cup is filled and is overflowing, and that the deep void that is the hallmark of the ego self is filled not from a substance outside of itself but from I am that I am God source within.


As a highly-experienced channel, I will connect to give you information, messages and wisdom from the Higher, multi-dimensional realms of Spirit.

What can I expect from an Intuitive

Each session is totally unique, as I tunes into your Higher Self in order to open you up to high frequencies of universal love and support. Sacred guardians such as angels and archangels, ascended masters and goddesses frequently make contact in order to deliver Divine messages and energy healing – everything is tailored to your precise needs for personal transformation at the time of healing. 

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