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1. Jan, 2022

Jane Simond

How do you work out someone is a spiritual grifter?

Website 29. Sep, 2020

Gary Warnick

Much Love From Newberry Springs California. You Are A Lovely Femine. I have Felt Your Spirit Love And Light. You Are An Unstoppable Warrior Queen. Thank You For Sharing Your Insight With Me. Be Blessed.

Website 23. May, 2018


Wonderful blog

Website 30. Mar, 2018


Well!!! I can learn many new things from your website.

Website 17. Oct, 2017


Nicee webpage!

Website 26. Aug, 2017

Vina Jones

I like reading your diary, keep it up.

27. May, 2017

Susan Vender

I connect with my higher self now, thru my own form of channeling a message from Her. I resonate very much with your site, and your youtube videos. much love and appreciation for your service <3 Jen!

10. Mar, 2017

Ellyn Schroeder

The energy report meant so much to me - thank you! <3