The "Idea" of seperation

Dear beloveds,

We come through in this hour of your time to offer you some higher council regarding certain aspects of the twin flame unions that are occurring right now en mass upon Terra Gaia,

We are guided to speak to you today about the ‘idea’ of separation that incarnation into planet earth precipitates. For many of the  blue ray Twin flames you have fervently taken on and believed in this idea largely due to your highly empathic gifts and as a means of  acclimatising into 3-D reality.

In this acclimatisation process with regards to the template of separation, which has predominated the 3-D Paradigm, upon incarnation, it was agreed by you that this lower dimensional template would be embodied, with the intention of fully clearing it, through fully bringing home this most wounded and lost aspects of the Self.

Being such incredibly powerful beings which twin flames are, when you took on this template you did it with your whole might and the commitment of your whole being, this beloveds is why it is has been tricky for so many of you to clear out these last final residues of this now outdated template.

Please understand that from our higher dimensional perspective the template of separation has been succesfully removed from your planetary Grid. You light workers are working with Gaia now, as you bring all these final lost separated and terrified aspects of your self home, back to divine presence, back to the now moment, where all that exists is Union.

We draw your attention to the word we used at the beginning of the these writings and that was the ‘idea’ of separation, as in fact, in truth this is of course all separation really is, it is a frequency band,which your creator self has given you free will to reside on or not it,  

When all is said and done it all comes down to a choice. It would seem that the collective consciousness of humanity has hitherto been somewhat locked into this frequency band of separation and as you light workers are doing all your fervont alignment work, you must understand that all you do, you do for the whole, as you meet these frequency waves in yourself and offer them the time and the unconditional love that they are worthy of, you will watch before your very eyes, this template of separation dissolve back into the omnipotent heart flame of Gods living presense.

Beloveds this is extremely sensitive and high-level work that we speak of today as it is activating within you  the divine memory of choice, the freedom to choose in every moment, which frequency to reside in knowing, that at all times you have the glory and the might of the Violet Flame which has been sent forth from the Higher Central Sun to specifically aid humanity now in the transmutation of lower vibrations, back into the frequency of Truth which is Divine Love.

Our words come forth today to offer you empowerment, and to activate your own soul knowing, that within you lie all the keys to your full awakening. Within your very being lives the Love of the entire universe, ever waiting to pour forth its unconditional Rays to align you back into wholeness, through the weaving of all lost and separated parts back into the whole.

The separation that you perceive from your beloved twin flame is an illusion of the highest order and true testimony to God's infinite intelligence and aptitude. That this love which is as real and as present as the very air you breath could be in any way masked is a feat of the highest order.

Separation is an idea that you have free will to believe in and invest your energy in or not, it is a vibratory waveband which works concurrently with the law of attraction.

Beloveds rise up now and remember that the love that you carry in your heart is very very real, for it was placed there by God herself. Give thanks morning noon and night, that the bells of divine union are ringing in the sacred chambers of your living heart, and give thanks that you have attuned to those bells, that you may bow down to their sacred melody in eternal reverence to the one true beloved of your soul.

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The nature of Paradox

Dear beloveds


we come through in this hour of your time, to speak to you about the fundamental nature of paradox that lies at the core of your experience of being human on planet Earth. Within this dimensional time and space there exists the appearance of that which is temporary and the appearance of that which is permanent and so what ever you experience within the realm of duality will always have an opposite expression of itself  existing simultaneously.


This paradoxical nature of reality is never so apparent as within twin flames, as twin flames originate from the central Golden sun of creation and therefore are whole beings in their unified masculine and feminine expression at source level, however in their descent into form, as this energy splits off further away from its origins, it can never ever be split in half, instead each half of the twin pair carry within them the Christed template of wholeness and union within their very own divine being.

This is a most spectacular feat that our creator actualises.


The search for ones missing half is a misdemeanour from the offset as through the law of attraction that which is half can only attracted that which is also half and of course that would never do.

The great paradox lies in this exquisite love story the universe has created which is to create two beings that are in fact one being, who then go forth to discover that they are whole beings in order to find their identical vibrational match who has also aligned with the truth of their wholeness. It is in this vibrational frequency band that twin flames Unite. As one frequents this waveband of wholeness and the process of the inner alchemical marriage that goes along with that, one also becomes acutely aware of an overpowering emotion that exists at the core of your being which very often arises in visionary moments when your twins presence is experienced.


These emotional releases serve to clear shadowy parts of your emotional and etheric fields, as when you fully allow your twin flames frequency into your field, this can be felt as a grief in being physically separated from them. Please understand that the sacred emotions that are accessed in this zero point field have been  administered by your higher self, to move your energy along on the finer and more subtle planes of reality. Of course we all remember that the astral and the causal plane are the planes of consciousness where we lay down our blueprints for our earthly experiences vibrationally, and as these waves of emotion rush over you, know that you are receiving the perfect medicine you need to fully recalibrate and align back to to your higher self/ I Am Presence.. As you allow and clear these old emotional  templates that connection with your twin flame brings, you will also be clearing and cleaning your twins etheric and emotional body too, and that of the collective.


The paradox here lies in the fact that in that moment of deep emotion and connection with your beloved on the higher planes, the birds are still singing and the sky is still blue, and this moment is still empty and exactly as it is.


We would like to offer you some extremely powerful advise, and that is to train yourself to practice resting as awareness for short moments when ever you naturally remember to do so through out your day.

When ever one stops to look really closely at this moment one will find it is filled with phenomona which is of the temporal realm, yet what subsumes all that is temporary is the existence within your  pure consciousness of that which is eternal,this can be likened to the metaphor of the all pervading sky subsuming the display of any temporary clouds that float by. The sky like nature of consciousness subsumes all temporary phenomona no matter how exalted and beautiful this phenomona appear to be.

Here in lies the practice of Presence which lies at the centre of all successful twin flame unions. Presence means being empty and allowing the moment to be exactly as it is with no resistance, and if resistance arises, training oneself to stand underneath that resistance and bear witness to any tale that it may be bringing from yonder lands.


In this act of self-love and accepting the moment exactly as it is you stand in the centre of the great paradox, knowing this great grand love story of your heart is real and true, yet you have committed your consciousness to remaining empty and not indulging in any temporary thought forms or emotions that naturally display. When we make this commitment to rest as awareness we get our minds out of the way and thus catalyse the enabling of great magic to happen.  


The thinking mind can often get carried away with itself but as we master the practice of resting as awareness for short moments we actually free up our psychic field to allow the great good the universe has lined up for us. Miracles happen when the mind is trained to not be induldged in or indeed emphasised in any way.,


You beloved twin flames were born to dance in the sacred fire, in the centre of all perception of duality and paradox, remembering who you truly are, identified energetically as Source Beings.

We hope these words have offered you some comfort and encouragement on this intense ride that is twin flame unification. you are not alone and there are many Blu-ray twin flames who are coming through now to offer their hand to guide others back home to the fifth dimensional Ascension consciousness