Solstice transmission for Twin flames

Dearest beloveds.

We come through in this hour of your time to offer you a sacred transmission that will greatly assist you individually on your Ascension path and will greatly assist Gaia as she also ascends into her fifth dimensional glory.

Take a moment now dear ones to find yourself in a comfortable position, light a candle, and play your favorite meditation music if you wish, as we are about to deliver forth a transmission and profound activation for this exceptionally powerful portal that is the summer solstice gateway of 2015


As you find yourself in this comfortable position, take some deep cleansing breaths from your navel centre, as you breathe out consciously relax your shoulders and your jaw, on the next few out breaths visualise a grounding cord coming out of your base chakra and as it journeys deep to the centre of the earth, it wraps itself tightly around this centre. feel your grounding cord now anchoring your harmonic tone into the pristine frequencies at the core of mother earth.

Ask now for Archangel Michael to appear to give you his sacred blue cloak of divine protection, receive this cloak and step inside, and feel yourself profoundly protected and safe in this moment of now.


In your mind's eye you find yourself in the Great Pyramid of Egypt, you are sitting at a round table with your twin flame next to you, and all around this table lie 144,000 twin flame pairs. You have all agreed to be at this council at this time. Get a sense of the light frequencies that surround you in this space where everybody is recognised as their energy field, look around and feel a sense of deep Soul recognition with these beloveds souls who are sitting around this great table.


Understand that you are holding a high and Holy Council at the central point of the great pyramid of giza  whereby the template of the unified yeshua and Magdalen union has been kept safely waiting for activation and actualisation at Divine timing.


Breath in the sense of your Lightbody being in this great pyramid now amongst this great Council.

All of a sudden in the centre of the table a silver violet light appears, in this light exist all the angels and archangels and planetary guides and assisters. mother Mary Lord Sananda, Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, the great Elohim, The great white Brother/sisterhood, Kuan Yin, Lord Maitreya, St Germain, Lady portia, lord Merlin, lady Nada, and The great Arcturians, and many more.


As you visualise the sacred pillar of violet light pouring through the tip of the great Pyramid to the underground chambers where this high and holy Council is taking place, know that this light holds the dispensation of the upgraded frequencies that Gaia has called for. As we step through this profound gateway of the summer solstice and the summer sun peaks in the sky in the northern hemisphere, please understand that this is an alignment with a decree that was intended a long time ago to restore the living template of unconditional love back to the planetary electromagnetic Grid Of Gaia. This light that is appearing now holds within it to the equilibrious harmonic frequency of union, of unconditional love.


As all you twin flames sit in this high Council, you are the ones who stepped forward and indeed were chosen to Fully anchor this divine union template into mother Gaia at this time.

As you focus now on this light pouring through the central mother Stargate of Gaia that is Egypt, understand that this Council of great souls who are present here now are assisting the dispensation of these potent light frequencies to be distributed into all the sacred sites on this earth..


Now take three deep breaths and breath in these Silver Violet light particles into your third eye and heart centres, as You Breath in this silver violet Flame into your 3rd eye and crown chakra, a light chamber appears behind where you are sitting., as you and your Twin stand now, you each open the door to your individual chambers, and you each step inside.

This Chamber is filled with the most extremely potent violet frequencies that exist, Visualise yourself now standing under this beam of violet light, and take deep breaths, breathing this light into the deepest core of your being, as you are breathing in this light call to mind the memory of all the times you have experienced pain and separation with regards to disappointments in intimate relationships… Know now that the violet flame is specifically working with you and your twin flames timelines where deep disappointment was experienced by you, and thus stored itself in your energetic field…..Feel all these memories being stirred now in your emotional and etheric bodies, and breath in deeply this violet flame, that it may align with all these time lines that have held painful memories.


Take 3 more deep breaths and see the light in the chamber return back to the pillar of light in the center of the great table, and see your self return with your twin to your position on your chair around the great table, as you all sit in your positions now, the violet light transforms to a diamond golden light, understand that this light contains within it the 12 strand Christ matrix template that is the fully realised Christ and Magdalene divine union holy blue print for humanity, as you visualise this golden light in the great pyramid, Know that you are breathing in, and anchoring deeply now, into the collective consciousness of mother Gaia This template, which is fully restoring Gaia’s energetic field with the harmonic tone of union of balance and of love. Breath in this golden light that pours through the central point of the great pyramid, breath it into all of your subtle bodies, and deep into the cellular memory of your physical body.

Visualise the 2 kundalini serpents now who live at the base of your spine meeting now and fully uniting at your base chakra. Visualise this as 2 Diamond white serpents Interlocking tightly at the base of your spine and breath these snakes up through all of the chakras to meet and merge at the crown. Allow this vibratory reality of the inner alchemical marriage that is now taking place within your very own being, as you marry and merge the potent masculine and feminine energies within your very own self. See these interlocking serpants now in their diamond Christed forms meeting and merging along your spinal colomn, as they again meet and merge in your crown chakra, visualise a beam of golden light pouring out of your heart center, and now filling the pillar of light at the center of the table, as all 144,000 twin pairs send out this light from their heart centers, a vision of Gaia appears as a shimmering golden sphere in the center of the light colomn, see Gaia now as fully restored with her oceans and lakes running clean water, and all the land infused by the higher frequancies, manifesting as a pristine greenness, and lushness, and the intense harmonic tone of joy and balance, Focus a few of your breaths now on holding this vision of Gaia in her Ascended Glory, and now transmit to her telepathically the love and honor you hold for her….

This transmission is now drawing to a close………...

Please Know that these visions are in direct alignment with the solstice frequencies that are subsuming Gaia during this mighty energetic gateway.


Great work we all co create beloveds

When You are ready you may open your eyes.

This transmission is complete


In this sacred moment dear ones we extend our most all-encompassing hand to you in the deepest gratitude for using your consciousness in this most important way.   


Please understand that we hope to leave you in this hour of your time with the great inspiration to activate your own higher visions through your greatest Godly power which is your imagination.

Your imagination is attuned with that which is known as 5th dimensional consciousness, and indeed what you think and see and feel within your imagination is very much real,we can assure you of that.


Please use this faculty regularly to assist Gaia now as she moves into the next upgraded frequency band for she loves you and she is your mother.

We adore you and are ever available to serve in which ever way is possible please reach out to us we are here for you.

With much love

Whitewolf twin flames Brian and Sheela



Sessions for twin flame couples

I offer a service for twin flames who are in any stage of their union, to bring forth profound angelic assistance and alignment , to assist you both in moving through any residues of false templates that are hindering your connection...

This is extremely powerful work to assist you both through working directly with your unified twin flame merkabic field, to deeply assist you in stabalising in the frequancy that is the prerequisite for succesful twin flame union....

You will both be held in a space that sees you for who you truly are, which will be thus able to activate profound shifts in both your energy fields


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