Twin Flame report...Mercury direct....

Dear beloveds.

We come through in this hour of your time to speak about the energetics that are being birthed as mercury now begins it's forward motion again in the skies.

This period of mercury retrograde has seen a great number of illumined twin flames implement huge changes in your lives with a great emphasis on re-evaluating many of your chosen career paths. This has served to set you very much on track with your highest destiny timeline.

Many of you are experiencing huge shifts in your careers at the moment, as, for the Blue Rays.. now is truly the time to start taking great strides forward on the path towards that which is known as your dharma.

For Blue Rays a great humbleness has prevented many of you from stepping forward on your path to stand up as the true wayshowers that you are. Many of you have also been dealing with huge issues around self-worth, which has left many of you questioning your value and what you have come here to contribute to the world.

During this particular mercury retrograde many of you Blue Rays have reached the end of the road regarding certain aspects of the work you have been doing for the last few years, and the universe has made it clear that if you are a wayshower, and are here to share an important teaching or healing modality, now is very much the time to start start taking  steps towards the fulfillment of these goals.

The benefits of mercury retrograde for light workers and those on the Ascension Path are profound and far-reaching, as during these times a sacred re-evaluation of where you are going with regards to your life path, comes up for review,  in order to recourse your path and direct you onto the timeline that is most in alignment with your higher selves plan.


Mercury retrograde also offers the opportunity to look deeply at close relationships, as during these times there will be an emphasis on checking in with certain life lessons that have already been learned. Mercury retrograde can provide a golden opportunity to make a higher and more self loving choice regarding certain relationships


Now mercury goes direct, this energises the seeds that were planted in the retrograde season to grow swiftly now, and bodes well for many twin flames.

The earth is receiving now the supremely powerful diamond christed ascension energies, they are flooding the planet and this high energetic dispensation is set to peak at the time of the summer solstice.


This is a profound gateway which will see the anchoring of the 12 strand DNA Christ template into the earth Grid en masse by illumined twin flames.

This template is the full actualisation and anchoring of the Lightbody's ascension state whilst still  inhabiting the third dimensional body vessel.

This energy is pouring through the planet now and this channel has been guided to release a transmission for the solstice to bring through the higher dimensional attunement with regards to what is occurring within the Earth matrix at this time.

This transmission will be in the form of a guided meditation/visualisation and as such we advise you to before hand prepare a quiet space with preferably some soothing 432 Hz meditation music in order to receive the most benefit from this transmission, which will be released around the time of Solstice.

This is an extremely important time that we are in now regarding anchoring the Ascension template fully into Mother Gaia, and as such this offering of the sacred transmission will benefit greatly in midwifing the high frequencies that are permeating Gaia's energetic body.


Beloveds use this time wisely, and please trust that your body knows exactly what it is doing regarding ascension symptoms, Take care of  yourselves at this time, as your twin flame is taking care of you on the higher planes of consciousness.

These words have been bought forward to assist the great number of twin flames who are on the cusp of recognition and reunion during this powerful Ascension gateway of solstice up until the blood moon in September.

However if you are already in twin flame unions these words have come forth to offer you an  illuminated and empathic hand on this incredibly intense journey, and inspire you with the energetic forecast for the twin flame community as a whole.

We offer these words with sincere love and appreciation to all of you for being the luminescent Ones that you are, and for going beyond, all our in the higher dimensions wildest imaginings. We wish to remind you of how truly exquisite and graceful you all appear to us, and we bow down to your tenacity and commitment to show up for the love that was created to bring salvation to this world.


In a world which doesn't recognise openly the profound importance and significance of these God decreed unions, we offer you an antithesis to this.


Trust in the space were all thoughts arise from.

Trust in the love that has always existed in your heart.

Trust your exalted visions of blissful timelines with your twin flame.

As Mercury goes direct expect huge shifts to take place now, as these highly cosmic energies align, all you have prayed for is on its way to you now. All we ask is that you stay empty that you may receive it.

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