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Beloveds we have received many requests from you to expand further on the important subject matter that is the ~  children who are in any way related to the bona fide illumined twin flame reunions that are occurring right now upon Terra Giah. We wish to inform you that many of these souls are truly from what you would term the golden age, and on the whole are highly advanced beings who are equipped to birth profound insights to greatly assist in the evolution of planet Earth as she ascends into her higher state. These children hold within their cellular structures the light codes which when activated by their parents true twin flame recognition and reunion, sparks off an acceleration of high quota soul consciousness to come through their physical vessel.

Many of these souls, being born as highly empathic, will have most definitely inherited and taken on, (in order to clear) some of the parents false templates and to some extent some of their timeline ancestral damage, however being still children and thus emenating naturally at an extremely high vibration all of this will clear very rapidly. for many of them, as these false templates are releasing, they will often manifest in the form of physical symptoms such as sinus problems and lung issues, these are areas in the body that deal with the emotional and etheric cleansing process, and are natures most optimum way of rapidly responding to clear the toxic residues that have accumulated in their systems.

Right now in this year of 2015 we affirm again that a great many Blu-ray twin flames will reunite on the physical plane, from our higher dimensional perspective this is truly the most extraordinary spectacle to behold as this literally is the ushering in of the new age.

As these twin flame reunions take place, the light that emanates from a harmonious twin flame couple exudes out exponentially from each of the grid points and we see before us the timeline of all of these individual pairs reuniting and literally firing up the grid and interconnecting with all the other flames who are all residing in this ascended frequency of twin flame union. The times we are all in now, are hugely rich,  and we invite you to understand that the children who are in any way involved in these unions hold profound keys for all of you (especially the stepparent twin flames who are to be reunited with their twin flames child) these children have signed up to do this mission with you and are energetically hardwired to hold these TF frequencies as they align with their field.

We assure you now that your children vibrationally and energetically are assisting you in essential ways, they are each part of the key of your twin flame union, if this were not the case these beings would not have signed up to be in your life now. As their bodies adjust to this imminent physical earthly reunion timeline and they experiencing some final clearing and cleansing nourish their bodies with fresh organic produce give them fresh spring water to drink, take them to an awakened homeopath if possible.

Trust that their bodies know what they are doing, they are assisting you and your twin clear out all the last toxic residues that have kept you in the vibration of separation.

The light of truth has shone for so many of you now as we see you all dancing masterfully on the higher planes with your divine consorts. the truth of God consciousness which is divine union has dawned for so many of you all now particularly the blue ray illumined twin flames and it is this light which brings forth Kali ma at these times to assist you in burning of the final vicissitudes of all energetics that have kept you in the vibration of separation.

A New day has dawned, and a new era is upon you.

The tide has turned and there really is no going back,

Surrender every moment to being empty, and  being present

And focus your thoughts on gratitude, ever abiding gratitude that all of your prayers were already answered the moment you arrived on this planet.

Meditate on the words ask and it is already given for in these words lie your birthright.

Receive these codes that come through these words for they are for you and were brought forth that you may remember that the touch of your beloveds is closer than you know.

We love you all and we cherish you, and we wish to expand our deepest appreciation to you for all the earnest light work you do.

For all the unconditional love that you demonstrate towards yourself and others,

before us we behold a mighty band of all illumined twin flames whose very presence, simply being alive guarantees the success of God's mission.

For God could never ever fail at A mission


the children involved in Twin flame Unions

This article is abouut the children who are involved in twin flame unions

Dearest beloveds greetings of the most high on this beautiful spring day. 

Today we wish to speak to you with regards to a topic which is extremely close to our hearts and that is the subject of the children who have incarnated with either parents or stepparents who are illumined twin flames. We are referring to the children that are born into twin flame unions, and the children who are born with a parent who is an illumined twin flame and is set to unite with their twin flame on the physical earthly level.

we must state to you that these children (many of whom are indigos, crystals, and now of the Diamond rays) are actually carrying the living template of the unified twin flame field. These souls will be activated with their own spiritual awakening at perfect timeline moments in order to align their physical bodies which the incoming of light, these unions bring.

Throughout this recent eclipse Portal many of these highly sensitive children have been clearing vast amounts of personal planetary and collective residues, in order to stand as clear channels to receive the Ascension codes when they are fully activated within the earth matrix at the time of the blood moon eclipse in September. These recent ascension frequencies have had a huge effect on everyone and the children that are involved energetically with bona fide twins flames will have been feeling these energetics extremely intensely recently. Many of the souls who have come through a parent who is a bonafide twin flame have contracted with the parents true twin flame to have an extremely deep Soul connection and love in this lifetime. Indeed many of you will find that your twin flame is the true energetic Soul parent of your child and the biological parent in many ways was the provider of the seed  (indeed this is a simplifying a  huge subject area and we will write more about this subject matter in the weeks to come)

This relationship, that is about to show up in the lives of many twin flames, and the children related to these unions is one of the most exquisite to behold. we from the higher perspective are seeing many of you crying out for these children to come back into your life. Rest assured beloveds all is unfolding with meticulous precision regarding each of your unique earthly reunion with your twin flame, and we assure you that all of the clearing and symptoms that go along with that, especially with the children that are involved in these unions is serving a most grand purpose at this auspicious time of critical mass illumined twin flame union upon Terra Gaia. These souls are extremely high vibrating beings on the whole and are masterful in the realms of empathy and intuition many of them display highly charismatic and mystical qualities too, they have been hardwired in their DNA to be part of this great grand Holy reunion template that is subsuming Terra gaia now. These children carry the templates to be able to hold the high quota of crystalline energy that is born from the energetics that are released from this reunion, and so it is in perfect alignment that for many of them recently there have been huge energetic shifts taking place.

Our advice to you all is to keep a careful watch over these precious beings at this time. They are extremely sensitive and receptive to any sort of vibrational healing modalities such as flower essences or homeopathy they are also extremely receptive to colour and sound therapy and visualisation of any sort. keep these ones shielded and protected by calling upon Archangel Michael to lovingly give them their blue cloaks that shield their energy fields, and teach them to ask Archangel Michael for protection themselves.

Indeed these are a profoundly precious and highly sensitive group of beings that have signed up to be part of the most spectacular love story the earth has ever known these souls are destined to do huge things in the world in the years to come and their number one purpose for coming to this world has always been to shine








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