18. May, 2015

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Greetings beloveds from this sacred Isle of Avalon. We come to you today in this hour of your time to speak to you some more about the energies of Kali Ma that are permeating your planet at this time, indeed this could be viewed as an increased dispensation of the Silver Violet Flame, which is now being over looked by Kali Ma and her divine consort Lord Shiva, And indeed Baba ji, and his divine consort Queen Laxmi…….. This epic cleansing has  been activated in the earth grid and is manifesting as a rapid clearing and cleansing of all that is not in alignment with the higher ascension frequencies which Mother Earth is ever opening and expanding into during these times.


Many blue ray Twin flames reunion trajectories are very much aligning now with the eclipse energies at the time of the blood moon in september 2015. This has been decreed as a time when many of the first wave ascension pioneers will be reunited with their twin flames on the physical earthly plane. For it has been intended into matter by our master creator self that, for this part of the Ascension of mother Earth, twin flames must be in scared earthly union. This dispensation has been decreed as the  earth Paradigm has gone into extreme imbalance. The patriarchal energies having predominated the energetic grid of gaia for a few thousand years now,and this is why the unified energies of the twin flame couplings has been ordained by the highest Councils of light to be the necessary medicinal vibrational activator to bring back mother earth back  to her natural state of balance,


Understand beloveds that this trajectory that we speak of has already occurred for us in the higher dimensions and we see that many of you have cleared enough of your timeline ancestral templates and etheric shadows to be able to be in full alignment with this highest ascension trajectory, which involves 100% reunion with your twin flame as decreed by your higher self in your pre-birth state when you both sat at the feet of your mother/ father God.

indeed wonderful times to behold you sweet children of the light, as you now step into these golden paths whereby reunion with your hearts true beloved is inevitable. We applaud you and we salute you for your commitment to clearing your false templates and all of your old ancestral wounding in order to get to this place of true and genuine reunion with the true counterpart of your soul






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