3. May, 2015


Dearest Beloveds,greetings of the most high it is Sheeela here, divine Twin flame of white wolf brian of the higher dimensional planes, come through in this hour of your earthly time to offer you some council regarding the definition of an Illumined Twin Flame.

An Illumined TF is one who has had a true and authentic recognition either energetically or physically with their bonafide twin flame, which in turn has activated a kundalini awakening with a proceeding ascension in consciousness.

We would like to take a moment to clarify what we mean by divine recognition. For many of you particularly the masculine counterparts this will happen around the time or just after the first physical meeting with your bonafide TF. For some of you the recognition will occur on the inner planes of consciousness in the form of a vision or a direct knowing experience of the earthly identity of the beloved of your soul, for others the recognition will be in the form of meeting the Daimon/the muse which is an energetic aspect of the TF which can come through various channels in nature.

In the moment of divine recognition of the bona fide TF a sacred alchemical marriage takes place in the deep vortices of one's inner being/ psyche/ and all subtle bodies.This is the actual merging of in sanskrit what is known as the IDA and PINGALA which are the masculine and feminine serpent counterparts that hitherto had laid dormant at the base of the spine. In the moment of recognition these 2 aspects of the self unite and merge, which then activates what you understand in your language to be -  a kundalini awakening.

This is experienced by the initiate visually most often as the 2 serpents at the base of the spine interlocking extremely tightly, as this tightening experience is occurring , this is the DNA lock in of the higher dimensional template which can only occur in the moment of recognition of the  bonafide TF

This Kundalini fire then impels an activation of the complete 12 chakra system to align with the extraordinarily cohesive frequencies of the TF higher dimensional field, This then brings into alignment a further awakening of all the chakras, and for many of you the most extreme intensity of this energy will be experienced in the heart center, as your higher dimensional soul field aligns with your living 3d matrix, causing an outpouring and inpouring of unconditional love that literally burn off the veils of  mayas.

The energy will move upwards and again be highly concentrated in the 3rd eye chakra, as the pineal gland will be aroused through the true love energy that is being experienced in the heart center, This then births a tsunami of exalted visionary capabilities as well as a full awakening into multidimensional consciousness, with the full comprehension of the malleability of time as you know it.

The illumined TF has aligned completely to the frequency of timelessness, this is where the understanding of time ceases to exist in the way it had done before, One will be awakened to the full conscious realisation that all time lines past, present, future and parallel, run concurrently in this NOW moment, and as such there is the sovereign awakening of one's duty to play masterfully with this idea in order to birth the Eden template that is Gaia’s inevitable evolutionary trajectory

An illumined Tf has truly come home to the realisation that the eternal beloved resides within the eternal planes of consciousness and as such is available in every moment to show up, serve, stand under, and carry the beloved, That is God's promise to all his/her children….and so mote it be.

The illumined TF lives in a state of perpetual surrender to God's plan regarding the divine timing of the full embodied TF reunion, There is a firm and stable anchoring into present moment consciousness, where everything is perfectly is it is meant to be.

the illumined Tf is highly intelligent, empathic, awakened, aligned with the zero point field of consciousness, this is one who masterfully practises unconditional love to self, and all others.

An illumined Tf holds within their vibratory signature the extremely cohesive  and recalibrated frequencies of one who has merged with the consort of her soul, this is one who is fully aligned with source energy within and without, and whose presence will be cherished by whomever she comes into contact with. these are the ones in life who bring profound comfort and medicine to this somewhat parched and thirsty world, You will recognise them also as they will be extremely magnetic and attractive to children, and to animals.

The illumined TF has understood emphatically that there is a seamless inseparability between all internal phenomena and all external phenomena, they have literally been flipped inside out, much like a drop of rain finally returning back home to the ocean.

This is one who has embraced the darkest aspects of their psyche, with loving arms to hold a space for the tales these parts of themselves have needed to share……... this powerful loving action sparks off an  exceptional potent transformation one which the great alchemists speak of, which is the transmutation of the base aspects of the human shadow, back into the gold of the higher christed self………..

An Illumined Tf gives thanks continuously, for all the blessings that this now moment offers and for all those wonderful miracles that are on their way and set to arrive in divine timing.

an illumined Tf has reached a place of unfaltering  trust in the universe. This infact has been the hardest lesson for manyl illumined Tf’s to fully align with, as many of particularly the blue ray TF’s incarnated with a high quota of core ancestral timeline etheric damage,  there has been a HUGE amount of false programmes for you all to clear, and what a spectacular job each and every one of you are doing with this mighty work. However what with the brand new diamond frequencies that are flooding Gaia at the moment many of you are finally aligning with absolute trust in the enormity of love our creator holds for every single one of you individually speaking, This recent eclipse portal has served to literally clean out eons of soul damage from many of your fields, and you are all feeling this a great deal at the moment, this is manifesting as an upgraded frequency of TRUST in the divine plan that you are dancing with in every moment.

Dearest illumined TF’s Know that you are held in this most important time in your planets evolution, the tide has truly turned now, as before us from our higher dimensional perspective we see that truly so many of you are awakened, and we see your soul melody as luminescent lights that are consuming terra gaia and bathing her in the original template of divine union, everything is unfolding in accordance with the highest plan for all of you now. Relax deeply knowing that you are not alone and we from the higher dimensions are more available than we have ever been to offer you our guidance and counsel and unconditional cheer leadership that we hold for each and everyone of you.

Beloveds this is by no means an extensive definition of an illumined twin flame as this would  possibly take more than one of your great earthly books to fill,we hope to offer you in this moment  a glimpse into the field of consciousness an illumined Tf resides in, that you may receive great comfort from these words, knowing that you are seen and understood and held by us in the higher dimensions...We invite you to share any soul inspired definitions you would like to add of what is an illumined TF and add them to the contact me section, it would be beautiful for the list to blossom.

I am currently available to offer a limited number of one to one sessions at the moment, I am an intuitive psychic counsellor, and Twin Flame guidance counsellor and attuner and activator. I work with a vast storehouse of multidimensional tools readings and essences to assist you with aligning fully with Source energy which must precede full and successful merge with your true Twin flame